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Engagement Everywhere: Expanding the Ecosystem for a Video Explosion

Engagement Everywhere: Expanding the Ecosystem for a Video Explosion Dean Donaldson

Dean Donaldson, Global Director, MediaMind

As online video prepares to outpace all other media growth and content stretches over multiple connected screens in and out of the home, the ever- changing consumer platforms will cause a huge disruption to the advertising ecosystem. Shifts in viewing habits and interaction capabilities will fuel a cataclysmic change in buying, distributing, targeting and measuring premium video content that will cause all media stakeholders to rethink consumer engagement. Technology advancements such as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) may hold the key to a new breed of advertising effectiveness but will equally drive change in cross-channel media strategy. Dean Donaldson will explore the impact video poses from industry challenges to business opportunities for marketers seeking to navigate the evolution of three screens and beyond.

Marketing strategist. Consumer evangelist. Digital futurologist. Dean Donaldson is a world-renowned global conspiracist who is passionate about driving creative technology to ensure personalised brand engagement progress across all media channels,...

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