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The Era of Untethered TV

Adam Gerber, VP, Sales Development & Marketing, ABC Televsion Networks

Long-gone are the days when all TV viewing was driven by families watching their favorite shows in the living room on a single stationary TV. Today's video content -- whether full-episodes or short-form -- is increasingly being watched on a multitude of screens that allow consumption to happen anywhere in the home or outside of it. Tablet, mobile device and on-demand solutions are enabling viewers to access and consume video when and where they want it. Adoption of devices and new distribution offerings continue to gain steam and foster increased changes in consumer behavior and expectations. Join Adam Gerber, VP of sales, development and marketing for the ABC Network for an overview of what today's viewers are doing and how new devices and distribution are changing the dynamics of the TV marketplace. Highlights of the presentation will include differences in how various content genres are affected by viewers' changing behavior, how new devices impact TV viewing in the home, what ABC sees as the eventual video advertising end-game and what's needed to get there.

Adam Gerber is VP, sales development and marketing for the ABC Television Network. He was named to this position in March 2011 and reports to Dan Longest, SVP, ABC sales marketing. Gerber leads a team supporting the ABC sales organization focused on...

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