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Online Video: Making Money the New Fashioned Way?

Online Video: Making Money the New Fashioned Way? Shelly Palmer

Rob D'Asaro, U.S. Director of Digital Strategic Alliances, OMD Digital
Danny Fishman, President, Digital Broadcasting Group
Josh Kornblit, Director of Digital, Media Storm
Scot McLernon, CRO, YuMe
Moderator: Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures Group, LLC; Summit Host

This conference has been all about what the future of video online and on TV will be. We've discussed how technology is changing consumer behavior and how we as marketers should react in our strategies and measurement. We've covered a breadth of topics.

Now let's talk about monetizing online video. How are brands really using video to create incremental value to their campaigns? What are the challenges to proving value for video networks, technologies, content properties, publishers and solutions providers? Who do the myriad of companies infiltrating this space have to sell to in order to make a profit? And in turn, how do brands utilize them to their advantage? How do we move from short video campaigns to sustainable original programming?

Video is being touted as the "next big, new thing," so why aren't we "tearing up the world and making money hand over fist?" How is online video really doing?

Join us for a lively discussion from industry vets that have helped drive the industry forward.


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