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How to make the "mom connection" with Specific Media

How to make the "mom connection" with Specific Media Lucia Davis

Specific Media understands that CPG brands are always looking to connect with the mom audience. At iMedia's iMoms Summit in Orlando, Fla., Vic Catalfarno, VP head of global consumer goods, and R. Chase Miller, VP of business development, talked about how the ad and video network is making the connection.

"With the largest CPG reach of any ad network, as well as the largest amount of offline purchase data," Catalfarno said, "Specific Media can help identify and activate media against desired demographics." He went on to say that the company has access to 9.7 million households with children.

Specific Media has garnered a plethora of information from its huge data vaults. For example, it knows that 85 percent of consumer purchases in this country are made by women; 75 percent of women identify themselves as a primary household shopper; 80 percent of healthcare decisions are made by women; and 50 percent of products marketed to men are purchased by women. Armed with this knowledge, Specific Media is using its purchase data to match clients with the consumers they should be targeting. One way its making this connection is with its 15-minute long-form video series, "Mom's Life."

"Mom's Life" is an online video series hosted by "everyday moms" Jen Pate and Barb Machen. In the segments, the two talk about child and family-related topics. In addition to winning a Webby award in 2010, the show has been featured everywhere from the "Rachel Ray" show to "Entertainment Tonight." In the following clip, they talk about what to do when your children have "left the nest."

"Mom's Life" has garnered more than 52 million unique views in its first two seasons, integrating more than 40 of the largest consumer brands into its episodes. This is just one channel Specific Media is employing to bring clients and moms together.

"We integrate behavioral data on 99 percent of moms with NCS access to offline purchase data on more than 60 million shoppers in the U.S.," Miller said. "Specific Media can utilize display and video ad solutions to reach the largest CPG audience online."

The bottom line, Miller explained, is that moms dominate CPG purchase decisions. "The integration of offline and online data integration reaches moms like never before," Catalfarno said. Namely, if you're not tapping into this valuable demographic, you're missing out on a big piece of the CPG pie. Specific Media wants to ensure that this doesn't happen to you.

Lucia Davis is associate editor at iMedia Connection. 

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Lucia Davis is a journalist, social media consultant and founder of The Art Bus Project. Previously, she was director of content at Obviously Social. Prior to that position, she served as community editor at PR News after working as...

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