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Hallmark Harnesses the Power of Community with CafeMom

Hallmark Harnesses the Power of Community with CafeMom Amy Merchant

Community has tremendous power to improve moms' lives, making them feel more optimistic and in-control across all aspects of their lives, from maintaining discipline to managing family finances, according to a recent study by CafeMom.

The importance of community also extends to brands. Moms trust other moms seven times more than they trust advertising (80% versus 11%*), making it more crucial than ever that brands understand how to tap the power of community and word-of-mouth in their campaigns.

Hallmark has harnessed this extraordinary power of community on CafeMom, the largest and most vibrant online community of moms. Hallmark's "Parenting Positive Kids" Community Center encourages moms to embrace the everyday, any-day perfectly imperfect moments that comprise motherhood, producing remarkable campaign results. This must-see case study will cover:

How brands can add real value to communities, while still supporting brand positioning

What brands need to do to activate brand champions to inspire trust and trigger word-of-mouth

How to leverage the power of community throughout your marketing efforts

*Moms in Community, The Power of Community to Improve Lives presented by CafeMom



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