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"Just Like Homemade" Social Video Recipe for Success

"Just Like Homemade" Social Video Recipe for Success Brandi Unchester

Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast wanted to let America know that their frozen pancakes are made just like homemade in their big kitchen in Tennessee. The team of dedicated, veteran employees uses real ingredients, pours the batter on a cast-iron griddle, waits until the pancakes bubble around the edges and then flips them just like families do.

To bring the brand's "just like homemade" story to life and take the mystery out of how they're made, the Pinnacle Foods' brand committed to its first-ever video-propelled social media campaign designed to reach a female-skewing audience. The brand launched an online advertising campaign, which included the a series of long and short-form videos that were shot on location at the brand's factory. The videos ran on social games and mobile devices, driving an unprecedented number of opt-in video views and social interactions. The campaign was so successful that Aunt Jemima went on to use the videos for the brand's first TV campaign since 2006.


As the Senior Brand Manager of Pinnacle Foods Group’s Aunt Jemima® and Lender’s® frozen breakfast brands, Brandi Unchester is responsible for setting brand strategy and developing breakthrough marketing campaigns as well as...

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