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Media Moms: Consumption Trends and Analysis

Media Moms: Consumption Trends and Analysis Inna Kern


Motherhood is a moment of profound transformation for a mom ? what she does, who she talks to, how she communicates and what she want to watch. BabyCenter's Spring 2012 21st Century Mom Insights Series research, conducted in partnership with Nielsen, is being presented for the first time on April 19th. The research quantifies not only how new and expecting moms' media behaviors differ from the general online adult population, but also the emotional roles that different media platforms and types of content fulfill for these moms.

Key takeaways: Learn which media platforms mom uses, where she uses them and during which day part; what type of content she wants and when she wants it; the impact of time-shifting and the various devices mom leverages to fulfill her content needs and what types of ads/messages resonate with this tech-savvy and information-rich consumer.


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