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Moms as Brand Storyteller for The Gap

Moms as Brand Storyteller for The Gap Tricia Nichols

In her keynote, Tricia Nichols will share how GapKids and BabyGap have continually approached consumer engagement with moms, turning interactions into a long lasting bond with the brand. Through emerging and expressive brand platforms like Rock Candy and Casting Call and activation of recent partnerships with Pinterest and Diane von Furstenberg, Gap maintains permission from moms to further innovate and transform their digital and retail experiences. Moms are a true storyteller for this brand, and Gap provides moms and kids with the tools to express themselves in the ways that moms love.

Tricia Nichols is currently the Global Lead of Consumer Engagement, Media Strategy and Brand Partnerships for Gap in NYC.  In this role, she is responsible for developing a global consumer-forward media approach that redefines consumer &...

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