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Reaching Today's Mobile Moms

Reaching Today's Mobile Moms Adam Kruse


Moms are behind the curve when it comes to leading tech adoption. Is this a perception or is it reality? The current assumption is that if you want to understand what's going to be big in technology, you go to tech aficionados (typically men). In this session, we will debunk and illuminate insights about moms as early tech indicators of what's "next" from apps to sites, and from mobile to tablets. The viewpoint at SMG is the next big thing isn't just about being new, it's about making a meaningful difference. Today's mom is a perfect filter for that. If the technology doesn't serve a meaningful purpose in her life, then it's not adopted and spread to other moms.

At SMG we view moms as leading indicators, and we will share how social listening is used by SMG's Moms Human Experience Center to provide an inside view into what moms are congregating around online. We will also discuss how we are using these insights to create meaningful human experiences for our clients, specifically P&G on mobile/tablet inspired activation.


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