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Coca-Cola's Live Positively Platform, Engaging the Mom Demographic

Coca-Cola's Live Positively Platform, Engaging the Mom Demographic L. Celeste Bottorff


No one knows better than Coca-Cola the power of a mom's conscience in driving the purchase decisions she makes for her family. Moms want the brands that they bring home and into the lives of her family to be a reflection of their own values. Coca-Cola is empowering moms to engage in community involvement and social responsibility initiatives through their own corporate responsibility initiative, LivePositively.com. With a majority of elements targeted specifically to moms, Live Positively provides Coca-Cola with a true win/win for their consumer target and themselves. Moms engage in recycling, scholarship development, environmental awareness and other programs to build a better world in partnership with Coca-Cola, driving brand awareness and connection among the power consumer: mom. Join L. Celeste Bottorff, VP, Living Well, for a deep dive on Coke's Living Well strategy, digital components and intricacies and overall impact on consumer engagement, brand loyalty and of course, bringing Coca-Cola products home from the stores with every family's number one buyer: mom.

Celeste Bottorff is responsible for building the strategic corporate reputation framework for Coca-Cola North America.  In this capacity, Celeste’s work is instrumental in designing and communicating the Company’s vision for how it...

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