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Ali Wentworth Brings a Taste of her Daily Shot for Moms to Dinner

Ali Wentworth Brings a Taste of her Daily Shot for Moms to Dinner Ali Wentworth


"The Queen or Kate Middleton should knight whoever invented the epidural... I think the epidural should be administered just before consummation. Just keep a main line of numbing solution flowing throughout your system for months or even years. Why only for a few hours AFTER the pain has started?" - excerpt from recently released New York Times Bestseller Ali in Wonderland and Other Tall Tales by Ali Wentworth

Accomplished actress, comedienne, author and mother of two daughters, Wentworth embraces the intimate moments of her life and lets us into her crazy world. With a voice in digital media, she is also host of the topical daily web show produced by Disney Interactive, Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, and blogger mom for Babble Voices. In these environments, Ali connects with fellow Moms on her comedic outlook on life, the latest news and personal experiences.

This dinner event with Ali Wentworth will surely be a memorable evening.

An accomplished actress, comedienne and author, Ali Wentworth hosts a newsy daily Web show, Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, produced by the Disney Interactive Media Group. On Daily Shot, Ms. Wentworth shares her irreverent take on the latest news and...

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