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Keynote Address: "SoLoMo: Creator of The Hyper-Connected Consumer & What Brands Can Do to Keep Up"

Keynote Address: "SoLoMo: Creator of The Hyper-Connected Consumer & What Brands Can Do to Keep Up" Kenny Tomlin

Having founded Rockfish in 2006, Kenny Tomlin has watched the convergence of social, local and mobile have a massive effect on consumers, simultaneously changing the needs of his clients virtually overnight. While this disrupting force sent marketers scrambling to adapt and develop best practices in a short period of time, it also revealed endless opportunities for brands to connect with consumers through completely new channels. In his keynote, Kenny will focus on how riding the SoLoMo wave has shaped the agency model, how brands are turning a mass disruptor into success and how emerging technologies built by startups are changing everything.

Kenny Tomlin, Founder & CEO, Rockfish

Kenny Tomlin has led Rockfish from a one-man start-up in 2006 to one of the most recognized and fastest growing digital innovation companies in the industry. As founder and CEO he actively participates in the management and growth of client...

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