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Insight Presentation: "The Social Completion: Social Engagement Across Touch Points"

Insight Presentation: "The Social Completion: Social Engagement Across Touch Points" Chris Barbour

For the last year Facebook has been promoting their Open Graph from the rooftops. In this presentation USA TODAY, Facebook and Involver will share a case study from a cutting-edge application that exemplifies what's possible with "OG." The Ad Meter campaign is a template for viral success that incorporates content from more than forty advertisers, distributes the experience across partner sites and fully leverages mobile. Three social marketing leaders will share key "social by design" principles, provide a framework for turning campaign based experiences into evergreen experiences that generate long term value and explain how to optimize campaigns and prove ROI.

Chris Barbour, Marketing Strategist, Global Creative Solutions, Facebook
Mitch Gelman, VP, Product Gannett Digital

Chris Barbour is a strategist on the global customer marketing team at Facebook. His team is devoted to working throughout the marketing ecosystem to build social ideas that drive business growth for Facebook's advertising partners. Prior to joining...

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