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Insight Presentation: "How Amex and Twitter Sync with the Consumer"

Insight Presentation: "How Amex and Twitter Sync with the Consumer" Shane Steele

In this session, American Express's Michael Berner and Twitter's Shane Steele will discuss how their companies are applying social, local and mobile strategies to build innovative consumer experiences that deliver ROI for businesses and brands. This session will highlight how Twitter enables brands to connect with consumers through the real-time and increasingly mobile conversation canvas. You'll learn about the AmExSync program developed in partnership between American Express and Twitter which launched at SXSW this year and you'll hear about how American Express works with a variety of SoMoLo platforms. American Express will also share how they approach strategic partnerships with companies like Twitter, how they work with agencies to bring innovation into their organization and more. Don't miss this session!

Michael Berner, Director, Global Social Media Strategy, American Express
Shane Steele, Director, Global Sales Marketing, Twitter

Shane Steele is Twitter's director of global sales marketing, where she oversees integrated marketing, sales solutions, sales enablement, and marketer eduction for Twitter's advertising business. She joined the company in February 2011 from Yahoo!,...

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