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Steele, Shane

It took Twitter three years, two months, and one day to reach a billion tweets. These days, a billion tweets are sent every two-and-a-half days. If you think that's a statistic that brands can ignore, think again.

As you might imagine, things are pretty busy for the person tasked with helping brands tap into the power of the conversations happening on Twitter. And that person is Shane Steele, Twitter's head of global sales marketing. Steele leads sales enablement and development, client education, and integrated marketing for Twitter's global advertising business.

Currently, Steele and her team are in the process of a broader rollout of Promoted Products, the company's advertising solutions that reportedly generate more revenue on mobile than on the desktop on most days and boast an engagement rate of between 1 percent and 3 percent for Promoted Tweets. At the same time, the company is unveiling new features for brands, such as a new function that enables advertisers to embed surveys in tweets.

Over the past year, Steele has focused heavily on building out her team and scaling marketing operations to support Twitter's international expansion. "Our team now spans multiple countries and continents as we gear up to make Promoted Products available to advertisers across 50 countries by year-end," she says.

Steele joined Twitter in February 2011 from Yahoo, where she served as the company's vice president of global marketing. Before Yahoo, Steele held a variety of marketing positions at companies including Coca-Cola, Sapient, and Tremor Video.

You can follow her on Twitter (of course) at @shanesteele.

Shane Steele is Twitter's director of global sales marketing, where she oversees integrated marketing, sales solutions, sales enablement, and marketer eduction for Twitter's advertising business. She joined the company in February 2011 from Yahoo!,...

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