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2 triggers that cause people to share brand experiences

2 triggers that cause people to share brand experiences Keith Pape

Every marketer wants their brand to get attention. How about throwing it off a capsule suspended 127,000 feet in the air to a national audience? That's exactly what the folks at Red Bull did. You may think the Red Bull sponsorship for Felix Baumgartner's infamous space jump was just for visual branding, but you'd be wrong. It was part of an overall rethinking of the sales funnel that companies like Red Bull, BMW, and Virgin America are demonstrating. What is this rethinking? Planning for your future customer rather than just your current one. With all the immediate metrics you have to achieve, you may often overlook why investments in customers who may not buy your brand today are just as valuable (and maybe even more so) than your current audience. Future thinking keeps your brand fresh and original, and has long term effects on sales. Here's what Ayzenberg Group's Keith Pape has to say about the triggers we can create that will cause people to share about their experience with your brand, or keep quiet.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — The money problem in mobile marketing
0:36 — Why integration is the key to success
1:26 — What gets people participating in your campaign?
2:39 — Keeping the sales funnel fun
3:13 — Plan for your future customer
3:44 — Why Red Bull branded the daredevil space jump
Run time is 4:28

Keith Pape is leading the social, mobile and emerging media opportunities, strategy and creative execution with both existing as well as new clients within Ayzenberg Group. Founded in 1993 by Eric Ayzenberg, the Ayzenberg Group (www.ayzenberg.com) is one of the 10 largest privately held interactive entertainment advertising agencies on the West Coast. Services include strategic leadership, creative, media, and production. We specialize in reaching the most advertising-averse demographic to date -- the young men and women of “Generation Now.” Senior digital marketing executive with 14+ years of experience driving business growth, leading teams, launching brands and products, and achieving results through creative-, results-driven and technology-enabled marketing.

Senior Marketing executive with significant Digital leadership experience. A proven track record of delivering impressive revenue, profit and award-winning creative campaigns. Noted public speaker and thought leader on all things...

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