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Why NFC will soon replace the QR code

Why NFC will soon replace the QR code Ian Barkley

Imagine if a customer walked in the proximity of your product and they were directly sent a message, deal or discount on their smartphone? What if we could engage with them on a personal level through learned metrics, rather than hopping they visit your general info site? For the longest time, QR codes have been directing the consumer to the same website for the exact same experience. But as the mobile world proves again and again, consumers want personal engagement, not a general, sterile learning experience from a brand. Could NFC be the technology that finally makes personalized mobile marketing a reality? Join Crosscliq's Chief Technology Officer Ian Barkley as he speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson about why NFC has already taken over mobile marketing in Japan, and why it will soon be mainstream enough in the US to destroy the infamous QR code. Here's what you need to know as a digital brand marketer to get in on the ground floor.

Ian Barkly fcp qt from iMedia Connection on Vimeo.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — How NFC is starting to dominate digital
0:39 — Why NFC Smartposters are the way of the future
1:33 — Active to active protocol
2:05 — Why touch screen walls lack consumer engagement
3:00 — Why the QR code will die
Run time is 3:29

Ian Barkley is the Chief Technology Officer at Crosscliq


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