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3 tips for an explosive video strategy

3 tips for an explosive video strategy Kevin Doohan

Machinima is the No. 1 all-time entertainment channel on YouTube. The company received over 2.3 billion views in October from 253 million unique gamers. We asked Kevin Doohan, EVP of marketing (and former director of digital marketing for Red Bull) for tips for driving value either through original video or using YouTube channel content in your company's video strategy. He also talked about what's coming next for the company.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Kevin's favorite video game
0:28 — Machinima gets over 2.2 billion video views per month
0:45 — What comes next for Machinima
1:50 — Tapping into a passionate audience
2:30 — Scouring YouTube for new talent
3:00 — Dos and don'ts of integrating YouTube channel content into a strategy
3:20 — A special visit from Kevin Nalts!
3:25 — More dos and don'ts
Run time is 4:47

From November 2008 to June 2012, Kevin Doohan recruited and led a world-class digital marketing team at Red Bull's North American headquarters. Doohan's team set global benchmarks and redefined what's possible in the digital/social ecosystem. Doohan was responsible for digital strategy at Red Bull North America and was a key leader in the development of Red Bull's global digital strategy along with digital leads from the top five Red Bull countries.

Kevin Doohan is currently the CMO of DTS, Inc. Most recently, Doohan was EVP, marketing at Machinima, the leading video entertainment network for young men. In this role, Doohan oversees the marketing function including brand marketing, public...

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