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Brand and Agency: A Partnership Success

Brand and Agency: A Partnership Success Will Chapman

The panelists detail how PHD Media partners with AudienceScience on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline to cull insights from audience behavioral data to discover new audiences that the brand would like to reach. PHD Media is relied upon by GSK to deliver the right brand message to the right consumer. GSK is constantly faced with the challenge of reaching the right users online for their multiple brands.

Through GSK's partnership with PHD Media and AudienceScience, the global healthcare company has been able to target very specific audience segments to help reach users who are already in-market from the various brands that GSK offers. For example, the partnership has identified tooth sensitivity sufferers to push Sensodyne advertisements by distinguishing users researching aliments and cures for tooth sensitivity. The trio has also utilized 3rd party data to find people purchasing foods that lead to tooth sensitivity and offering overlap reporting against positive survey responders as well as those that click and/or convert to find more lifestyle focused segments that perform well for each brand.

The inherent efficiencies that come from the bond created when an agency and a brand utilize a shared data platform have led to greater brand awareness and purchase intent for specific GSK brands: Sensodyne and Aquafresh for the just completed quarter. In today's fast paced advertising world, technology, creative and brands have to all work together to achieve success. AudienceScience/PHD Media/GSK will share with attendees how they have become trusted partners as they continue their relationship into 2013 and beyond.

Presenters: Will Chapman, VP, Sales, AudienceScience and Kelley Train, Director, Digital Investment, PHD Media


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