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3 leadership challenges for marketers

3 leadership challenges for marketers Gina Lee

Digital marketing continues to present new and important challenges. From understanding your mobile presence to measuring true engagement, the list of issues continues to grow. But according to Gina Lee, SVP of solutions at IMM, your business may be distracting you from the most important areas of focus. Do you know how to hire (and more importantly keep) smart people? What do brands expect from us this year? Are you approaching the new year from the ground up or from a status quo mindset? iMedia's Bethany Simpson speaks with Lee about these key areas for building a solid foundation for your company. Focusing on these important areas now will help prevent big problems later.

Conversation highlights

0:09 — The challenge of big data
0:21 — Bridging the gap between online and offline sales
0:37 — Finding the right people
0:53 — How to hire and keep smart people
1:38 — Do brands want the impossible?
2:30 — Why brands need to be more educated
3:37 — The right way to communicate with clients
Run time is 4:38

Gina Lee is the Senior Vice President of Solutions at IMM


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