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Native Advertising: Technology & Behavior Make the Old New Again

Native Advertising: Technology & Behavior Make the Old New Again Chris Miller

Native advertising delivers a clear alternative to move ad dollars, but more importantly, the ability for advertising's storytellers to tell a more complete and engaging story. But what is it? How does it work? Does it scale? What do today's agencies need to know to work in this space? These questions will be answered, and more importantly, this session will demonstrate how advertising native to the experience, whether on the web or mobile, is a great opportunity for agencies to build relationships with brand clients and their consumers in dramatic ways that traditional banners and display ads fail to do. And the proof is in the numbers with results that dwarf the same old, same old, tired display tactics and strategies we all know.

Panelists: Lee Brown, Tumblr; Chris Cunningham, appssavvy; Dan Greenberg, Sharethrough; Jonathan Perelman, BuzzFeed; Katie Szumowski, Turner Media Group; and Chris Miller, Draftfcb (moderator).

   Bringing close to 20 years of experience to the table, Chris Miller came to Draftfcb in 2008 and is responsible for evolving Draftfcb’s digital discipline and client offering and setting the agency’s vision and direction in...

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