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How to find your best prospects in real-time

How to find your best prospects in real-time iMedia Editors

The digital marketing landscape is experiencing a major transformation. Thanks to advancements in data analytics and the growth of real-time bidding (RTB), there is great opportunity for marketers to deliver highly relevant messages to the right consumers for every impression. Yet many advertisers have failed to realize this potential. Consumer web behavior is rapidly changing. Thus, for an RTB approach to be truly effective, it must successfully integrate true real-time data.

During his Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Agency Summit in Austin, Texas, Quantcast's principal product manager, David Grant, addressed how advertisers can maximize every opportunity to find and convert customers -- despite their fluctuating online behavior -- by using an integrated, real-time approach.

Quantcast specializes in audience measurement and real-time advertising. The company is composed of two divisions: Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Advertise. According to Grant, Quantcast provides a free measurement solution that generates "incredible visibility into the entire consumption of media across the web." With one of the largest media consumption data sets in the world, the company helps both publishers and advertisers understand their audience to create more targeted advertising.

How big is the company's big data? As Grant explained, the company collects and processes up to 30 petabytes a day, more than 1 trillion new records a month, and roughly 800,000 transactions per second. Quantcast distills this data into the information that actually matters, allowing advertisers to "act on it -- primarily through real-time bidding." According to Grant, the company "uses the data on an impression-by-impression basis to deliver superior results." Essentially, Quantcast is a big data company that tackles the complications of delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time in the right place.

To actually make data actionable, the company leverages machine learning and real-time models. According to Grant, Quantcast's machine learning algorithms use the large data set to "build models that identify audience behaviors, putting a score on every person on the internet and ranking those users from top to bottom." In other words, Quantcast builds real-time models of the highest-value individuals on a website. Then, the company can identify the top target audience for a campaign. To take this a step further, Quantcast's RTB platform is tied to these real-time models, which allows for bidding decisions based directly on real-time data.   

Grant concluded his presentation by detailing three case studies. In one example, hoping to scale new customer acquisition by effectively using online media, U.S. Cellular and its agency Starcom called upon Quantcast. In addition, U.S. Cellular looked to Quantcast to acquire new information about its online customers to best adapt its media and creative strategy.

With Starcom's help, Quantcast tackled this challenge by building real-time models of U.S. Cellular's highest-value customers. The models were built using Quantcast's huge data set and U.S. Cellular's first-party data. According to Quantcast, "The models were then targeted via RTB and continually updated to account for the complex nature of the web."

What were the results of this real-time approach?

  • 35 percent of all campaign conversions from 20 percent of campaign impressions

  • A CPA 46 percent below the overall campaign average

  • Audience insights to inform media planning, messaging, strategy, and segmentation for future campaigns and product offerings

This is what happens when real-time data and real-time media come together.

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