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State of the Industry: The Brave New Industry

State of the Industry: The Brave New Industry Ben Fox

There are now technology solutions for all aspects of marketing, and the "Brave New Industry" needs to be one that embraces this convergence and grows with it.

The presentation examines the convergence of online and offline advertising providing unique insight across digital, including TV, mobile and social. Ben Fox looks at where advertisers are moving their budgets and then digs into the advertising technologies that will drive monumental changes in engagement and effectiveness. Fox will also provide a snapshot of how the explosion of screens is impacting the entire advertising ecosystem, and he will share his take on how agencies will bravely confront a world of infinite inventory at the dawn of CTV, Google Glass and the "Nth screen."

With consumers turning to multiple screens for their content, ad planning and executing will become increasingly more complex. Fox walks you through what has driven the agency's business over the years (strategy? creative? planning?) and how product lines will evolve to meet this complexity.

  Ben Fox is a seasoned executive with more than a decade of experience in digital media and technology. As the Executive Vice President of Adconion Direct, a cross channel digital advertising platform spanning display, video, mobile, email...

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