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Poets & Quants: Getting the Band Back Together

Poets & Quants: Getting the Band Back Together Richard Notarianni

There was so much going on, yet so many connections were being missed. They both knew it was time to get the act back together and out on the road.

Creativity and data -- poets and quants -- rediscovered how much power their combined voices could project. This is about bringing data out from backroom analytics and "below the line" specialists into the frontline brand experience. This is about fusing instinctive creative strategies with substance and certainty. The real genius of data driven marketing isn't the precision and immediacy of the data, it's putting that data to work, in real-time, up front and across the entire communications spectrum.

The modern marketing communications organization needs to make data and analytics a core part of its business. Partnering data specialists with creators of brand experience, content, social and community at every point of the process has a radical effect on outcomes. This presentation will share perspective on the organization, experience and outcomes of evolving the agency model -- an inside look at getting the band back together.

Engagement Planning pioneer focused on evolving brands from legacy broadcast models to digital/social to always-on, fully networked communications.

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