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Real People, The Right People, Connected People

Real People, The Right People, Connected People Erin Hunter

With more than a billion people worldwide, and 650 million of those on mobile devices, Facebook is already an extremely valuable platform for marketers. Combine the enormous reach and engagement with the fact that consumers use their authentic identity on Facebook, and things get really interesting for marketers.

In this talk, Erin Hunter, Facebook's Global Head of Consumer Packaged Goods, will explore some of the dramatic ways marketing is being changed by the abundance of available data. Whether data- or creative-minded, smart marketers know they need to reach the right consumer at the right time on the right device... and increasingly that means doing it on Facebook.

In response to this, Facebook has developed partnerships with data leaders Acxiom, Epsilon, and Datalogix to enable marketers of alltypes to develop targeting that drives their business in new and meaningfulways. Erin will share some results from the early stages of these unique targeting efforts from various categories,including CPG, ecommerce, auto and financial services. Also in this talk, she will outline the opportunities better data will bring to the entire marketing ecosystem- and how that drives a better world for both marketers and consumers in a more connected world.

As Global Head of CPG Marketing for Facebook, Erin Hunter sets strategy for how the world’s largest global advertisers best leverage the world’s largest social marketing platform. She is a seasoned industry analyst, with a background in...

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