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The biggest blunder we're all making with social media

The biggest blunder we're all making with social media Jennifer Kasper

We're all assuming that consumers understand hashtags, QR codes, and other social media elements.

Is it possible we take the consumer's social media knowledge for granted? The answer is yes. Brands and agencies live in the world of social and are extremely familiar with everything involved. That doesn't mean the consumer is on the same page.

No one knows this better than the retail giant Macy's. Jennifer Kasper, Macy's GVP of digital media, speaks with iMedia about why brands need to educate the consumer about social media and teach them the value in participating. Your strategy may not be flawed, but your audience may be in the dark about your efforts.

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"Too much social network/humor" image via Shutterstock.

Jennifer Kasper is the group VP of digital media and multicultural marketing for Macy's. In this role, she leads Macy's digital media strategy, with a focus on engaging customers, fostering brand loyalty and driving sales. Kasper and her team manage...

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