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Skala, Kasey

Three years ago, if you had asked Kasey Skala to rank Great Clips' use of technology on a scale of one to 10, he would have put it at a three or four. Fast forward to 2013, and he puts the salon brand at a solid nine. That's pretty impressive for what he calls "a franchise-based business that cuts hair."

"It's a category in which our target demographics typically don't want to engage around the service we provide," Skala says. "Over the past 12 months, we've taken great steps to define and enhance the role we play in our customers' lives and how we can leverage digital to strengthen those relationships."

Skala, who leads the planning and execution of digital marketing and social media for Great Clips, says that a lot of his proudest accomplishments over the past year aren't necessarily initiatives that would be classified as traditional "wins" in the digital space. They're not glitzy high-profile campaigns or runaway viral video successes. Rather, at Great Clips, it's about infusing the organization with a digital mindset and leveraging opportunities surrounding in-salon data and mobile, both of which are areas where Great Clips has invested heavily. "The value and ROI continues to become more evident, our franchisees continue to show interest and involvement, and at the end of the day, our business is continuing to grow -- and we know that digital plays a role in our continued success," Skala says.

"I could rattle off campaign successes or fuzzy metrics, but I subscribe to the idea that digital is simply one component in the overall business picture," says Skala, who previously held positions with U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. "Short-lived campaigns and one-off 'successes' are great and play an important role in showing value, but I tend to look long term and how digital is impacting the legacy of my brand."

With a no-nonsense, business-driven approach to digital marketing, Kasey Skala is currently the head of social marketing for Dart Container Corporation's SOLO Cup brand. Prior to his current role, Skala lead digital marketing for Great Clips, the...

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