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How to take full advantage of mobile targeting

How to take full advantage of mobile targeting iMedia Editors

Mobile has grown tremendously in importance and is now a critical channel for e-commerce. But marketers are struggling to drive true performance in such a fragmented, multi-channel landscape. Luckily, new standards and technologies are emerging to face these problems head on. The more precise and vigilant marketers and technology partners can be, the better. At Criteo's Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Commerce Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Rob Deichert, COO, North America, at Criteo explained how marketers can take advantage of today's mobile targeting opportunities.

We are in the midst of a serious mobile shift, with mobile web traffic continuing to grow and e-commerce traffic moving to mobile. According to Deichert, tablet usage is growing rapidly, and nearly 20 percent of e-commerce sales in Q1 of 2014 occurred via a mobile device. Fifty-three percent of Facebook's revenue in Q4 of 2013 came from mobile. So there's no question that this channel is a force to be reckoned with.

Even though they know the impact of mobile, many retailers have been reluctant to put resources forward due to challenges surrounding fragmentation, lack of standards, and the inability to deliver truly personalized advertising at scale. The good news is that new technologies and standards are emerging such as deep linking, HTML5 ads, and privacy positive IDs. According to Deichert, real-time performance advertising has now arrived for mobile.

One example Deichert cited was new, standardized approaches for deep linking into a specific page of a mobile app. When it comes to in-app advertising, remember that if you are advertising a specific product but the ad clicks through to the company homepage, you are adding more steps to conversion. "You should be able to click and go straight to the page where you can make the purchase," he explained.

According to Deichert, it is also essential that a mobile targeting solution work across all browsers. And it is just as important that the user experience is consistent. The customer should be top-of-mind when it comes to retargeting tactics. Consumers should be given the option to opt out. Furthermore, Deichert highlighted that if you can explain to the consumer why they are being shown a particular ad, this transparency makes for a superior experience.

The next challenge

Cross-device targeting is the most important challenge on the horizon, Deichert said. He cited research that 90 percent of consumers use more than one device to complete a given task. For both retargeting and personalization, it is crucial that you are reaching the right person. "You don't want to show intimate clothing to someone who wasn't looking for that," he explained.


How can marketers capitalize?

  • Get ahead of the shift to capture share.

  • Use tried-and-true techniques in mobile.

  • Don't let "perfect" be the enemy of "good."

In Deichert's experience, a lot of advertisers say they aren't yet ready for mobile targeting because they need to get responsive design set up or they want the mobile experience to be flawless. But if marketers wait to dive in, they will miss opportunities to target precisely the right customers and glean valuable insights in the process.

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