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The tangible ROI of doing good with your brand

The tangible ROI of doing good with your brand Chris Carlin

This article features an interview with Upper Deck's Chris Carlin. Click here to read the full story of the incredible work he and his company have done to impact positive change in the lives of sick children.

Financial savings on wasted marketing messages

Chris Carlin is the senior marketing and social media manager for Upper Deck, a company that has made waves in the marketing community through its effort to impact positive change in the world. He speaks with iMedia about how the company helped a young boy with pediatric brain cancer by developing a custom trading card to raise money for his cause. Chris explains how he got involved, and why doing good can not only impact lives, but also save brands money by creating content that people actually care about.

Social media attention and feedback

When you use your brand to effect change and to do good, the social media world gets fired up. It's the best and most natural way for people to share good ideas and meaningful stories. Chris Carlin continues our conversation by explaining why social listening is so vital for brands who want to impact communities, and why this medium has been so helpful in getting the word out about the amazing work Upper Deck has accomplished.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

Every brand has competitors. In a cluttered world, how do you distinguish yourself? How do you make yourself the consumer favorite? These are not easy questions, but the answer may lie in conducting your business in a fundamentally different way. By doing good with your brand, you will increase the likelihood that consumers will choose you first – because they like you. Chris Carlin ends our conversation by speaking about the partnerships Upper Deck has made to ensure that positively impacting lives continues to be a standard practice for the company in the way it establishes its messages, tone, and marketing.

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Video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters

"In the palm of the hands" image via Shutterstock.

Chris Carlin is the senior marketing and social media manager for Upper Deck, a company best known for creating sports trading cards, entertainment trading card games, movie trading cards, and authentic sports memorabilia. With a belief that he can...

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