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2015 will be the year of...


Influencer advertising

FullBottle CEO Reed Berglund believes that 2015 will be the year when marketers embrace influencer marketing and online celebrities as mainstream brand advocates. Here are the industry indicators that inform his prediction.

"The internet of me"

Lori Schwartz, managing partner of StoryTech, explains why she thinks next year will bring "The internet of me" digital technology informing our health, lifestyle, and personal well-being. This has also been referred to as "The Quantified Self," and it's is a hot topic right now as technology players continue to develop devices to help us better understand our behaviors.

Millennials causing the housing market to rebound

Morley Winograd, partner at Mike and Morley LLC, is plugged into the millennial mindset like few others. Here's why he predicts that 2015 will see the millennial generation turn around the housing market, and why they are moving more and more to the suburbs.

Health between agencies, brands, publishers, and vendors

Aimee Reker, managing partner of FRWD, explains why she believes 2015 will be the year when relationships between industry sectors will become healthier. She also discusses why next year will bring more helpful metrics and insights for the marketing community.

Brand activation

Traction CEO Adam Kleinberg predicts that 2015 will be the year where agencies work harder to activate brands for consumers, tell better brand stories, and engage fans to become brand loyalists. Here's why he thinks we're at the precipice of a great marketing awaking.

Native and content marketing

Gary Milner, director of global digital marketing at Lenovo Group, predicts that next year we will see native adverting explode and even perhaps eclipse display as the most effective way to reach audiences online and on mobile. Nicole Estebanell, SVP of media at DigitasLBi, also explains why she believes we will see a great surge of content marketing campaigns in the coming year.

Fearless experimentation

Kendall Allen, senior associate for WIT strategy, believes that since our marketeering tool sets are more firm, next year will see a wave of bold experimentation. Here's why she predicts the industry will be able to try new things and be commended for its efforts, rather than punished for new ideas that failed.

Receiving the benefits of our hard work

In a unique analogy, NewCo's co-founder and chair John Battelle describes why 2015 will be a year where marketers finally see the benefits of all their hard work.

Data, channels, and content

Tom Edwards, SVP of digital strategy and innovation at The Marketing Arm believes that these three key areas will define 2015. Here's why he thinks that there have been certain industry indicators to suggest that we will be immersed in data informing content, and the unique channels that will deliver them.

Flexibility and change

YellaWood brand manager Rob Pongonis explains why 2015 will be the year of industry flexibility. In addition, Jason Burnham, partner and social engineer at Burnham Marketing predicts that we will see massive change in the new year because the path we are currently on is unsustainable.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski.

"Young business people try to pull number 2015, symbolizing an effort for progress in 2015" image via Shutterstock.

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