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3 qualities of a stellar programmatic partner

3 qualities of a stellar programmatic partner Brad Piggott
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Programmatic buying; it's a phrase which elicits both excitement and misconceptions among top level digital marketers. The industry knows that this is the bright future that will usher in a wave of streamlined media buying and open up marketer's time to undertake more creative projects. Like so many new marketing concepts, programmatic is slowly being defined and sharpened by the brightest minds in our community.

An emphasis on transparency & trust

When it comes to finding the right partner, there is perhaps no better indicator for success than a business relationship centered on trust and transparency. Programmatic loops in all major players of digital marketing -- brands, agencies, publishers and vendors. The onus is on the programmatic vendor to ensure that they are providing a service that is not hiding anything from any party. Brands want to know that they are getting the most from its ad spend and are not subject to rampant click fraud. Agencies are just as wary, wanting to be served on publisher platforms that are ideal and relevant inventory holders. Publishers want to ensure their open inventory is not treated as a dumping ground. The first (and one of the most important) signs that you have found the right programmatic vendor is if they communicate transparency as an unwavering pillar of its business model and ethics. A partner should be able to communicate clearly what its pricing models are, where they source inventory, its product design roadmap for the future, and much more. A trusting solution provider in this exploding area of marketing can make or break your future in programmatic.

Few are as expert in this space as Brad Piggott, Vice President of Platform Solutions, North America for BrightRoll. He speaks to iMedia about the real definition of programmatic as well as how they have successfully worked with Subaru and SMG Canada to move beyond the IO and usher in the future of media buying for these giants.

A focus on programmatic video & the future of TV

Programmatic video is the convergence of two of the hottest aspects of marketing. It's also a space that needs to be on your radar when forming partnerships. TV is fragmenting quickly and consumers are becoming more and more screen agonistic. In the video space, brands and agencies need to follow where the eyeballs go, and the future is not a TV-centric video consumption world. The convergence of digital video, TV and advertising are creating an exciting landscape for marketers, especially in the programmatic space. The ability to serve targeted video ads across all screens and devices is getting better every day, and you need a vendor that is in some way leading the charge in this area. Display ads are not going to be the only form of media being served programmatically and with the walls between online and television being eroded, your future programmatic prospects will include digital video. If you’re not asking the tough questions in this area to prospective partners, you need to be.

Brad Piggott, Vice President of Platform Solutions, North America for BrightRoll continues our conversation by explaining why video is such a hot topic in the industry, and why accessing linear broadcast television in SET top boxes in a programmatic fashion such an exciting prospect for the industry.

A holistic approach to the programmatic space

Lastly, there's nothing wrong with DSPs or ad networks, but when you're looking for a programmatic partner you need a platform that approaches the space in a holistic way. DSPs and ad networks may not have proximity to the inventory or all the different solutions built-in to be able to leverage an "all-of-the-above" approach for agencies. In the programmatic space, it's vital to work with a company that can offer a full suite of solutions for clients. This is where a platform approach stands out from the pack. A unified platform approach cuts down on workflow and can eliminate RFPs and those time consuming IOs. All tools are utilized and can be at your fingertips when you partner with a platform who understands that the programmatic space cannot be executed in silos. Take a hard look at whitepapers from prospective partners. Ask a range of questions that prove first-hand knowledge of a holistic programmatic perspective. Make sure they are thought leaders in their field. Be vigilant and inquisitive about multiple areas and you will find the right fit for your company.

Brad Piggott, Vice President of Platform Solutions, North America for BrightRoll ends our conversation with some final thoughts about the programmatic space, the future and big tips for success when searching for partners.

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