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The pillars of programmatic success

The pillars of programmatic success Art Muldoon
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Service level

When choosing a vendor to unlock the power of programmatic, marketers must decide whether to take a full-service or self-service approach. If opting for an in-house solution, marketers must be prepared with the right resources internally: media planning, optimization, ad operations, database management, and analytics. Marketers vetting partners for a full-service solution should seek a team of experts that understands their business objectives and can bring together complex and disparate cross-channel platforms in an integrated system. The premier partner should be able to track and optimize campaigns from display, video, social, mobile, and many other outlets while integrating database management and analytics. Bringing together disparate cross-channel platforms in an integrated system can prove prohibitively complex without the right programmatic partner.


One fear marketers have about programmatic is that they would be handing over control to machines; however, programmatic advertising actually puts more control in the hands of the marketers if they're working with the right partners. Marketers that choose a truly transparent partner will have full visibility into their campaigns at three levels: transactional and contractual fees, the properties on which their ads are running, and optimization levers their partners are using.

In the world of programmatic, Matt Greitzer and Art Muldoon from Accordant Media are experts and educators for the marketing community. They speak to iMedia about why coordinating and organizing different initiatives is a big challenge in the space, and the key aspects that make for an ideal programmatic partner.

Technology and data

Technology and data are at the core of programmatic media, and no data is more important than a marketer's own customer data. Website visitor data, CRM data, even offline sales data can help impact success in programmatic buying. Therefore, access to a platform that can organize, store, and segment data for use across all media channels is essential.

Programmatic offers marketers the opportunity to respond in real time to customer interactions across the funnel. Marketers should take advantage of this by integrating tracking across all their digital touch points and reacting to users to help them through the purchase funnel. New prospects who have seen a video ad, for example, can be retargeted with a banner ad, or via Facebook exchange to reinforce the interaction. Marketers with a cross channel attribution analytics platform will be even better positioned to understand and react to these opportunities.

Cross-channel, cross-metric solutions

Every client is different and campaign goals vary. Marketers should avoid choosing a partner that employs a one-size-fits-all approach to the process and instead opt for a partner that can customize everything from delivery to metrics. Programmatic is not just for banner ads or direct response, and can be leveraged across mobile, social, video, and even television and out-of-home. The right programmatic partner will assess clients' media efforts and help them determine the best channels on which to advertise to reach key audiences.

Matt Greitzer and Art Muldoon, co-founders of Accordant Media, continue our conversation by explaining the main programmatic pillars for success and announce a new audience targeting system for marketers, Accordant ATS.

Insights from analytics

The breath of analytics and metrics that programmatic can offer are mind-boggling. Marketers should look for a partner that has the expertise to provide insights that inform later stages of the campaign and present data in a variety of customizable ways. Full-service partners will provide this important element.

Clear goals and a path forward

Much like a brand wants to work with an agency for many years, great programmatic partners are intimately knowledgeable about their clients' history, goals, and can serve as an extension to the clients' marketing team. Marketers should choose a company with a healthy reputation and eye for the future of the space. Succeeding at scale in programmatic requires disciplined testing, and new adopters should expect an eight- to 12-week time horizon before they see repeatable, scalable results. Within that time period, they will gain insight that allows them to fine-tune the campaign going forward.

Matt Greitzer and Art Muldoon from Accordant Media end our conversation by explaining why aligned incentives and goals are key components of a programmatic partnership and final thoughts on how agencies should approach selecting the right solutions provider.

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