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4 thriving social networks you can't ignore

4 thriving social networks you can't ignore Katie Ford


Keep your eye on Evernote. What began simply as a note taking app has now exploded into a social sharing platform for friends and family. Users are sharing their to-do lists, recipes, and family plans with each other to create one of the most personal and surprising places to digitally connect.

Katie Ford, EVP of Starcom MediaVest Group, speaks to iMedia about how this network has evolved and grown into an exciting social sharing tool.


Facebook is quickly becoming uncool for young teens. When your mom and grandmother start to join, it's hard to convince Millennials that it's a hip place to be. Snapchat is quickly becoming the new cool social network for tween users. Marketers could soon see huge potential to reach this target demographic.


Vine is exploding right now. Short video content that is seamlessly mixed into a Twitter feed is proving to be very popular with users. Here's why it's only expected to get bigger.


Facebook has become very cluttered. When a user shares a photo on Facebook, the social engagement is watered down by the litany of other posts, images, shares, and comments on their newsfeed. We are starting to see why Facebook bought Instagram.

Instagram's closed community makes it incredibly intimate, and we are now seeing that the first thing Millennials do when they wake up in the morning is check their Instagram feed. Why? Because there's a social engagement give and take going on unlike anything else.

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  Katie Ford exemplifies both strategic excellence and outstanding international specialization. With 18 years of experience, Ford is an expert in driving holistic integration between general market, multicultural, digital and agency partners.

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