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7 ways Apple has changed post Steve Jobs

7 ways Apple has changed post Steve Jobs Dan Lyons

Dan Lyons is a former technology columnist at Newsweek. He began publishing the wildly popular "Fake Steve Jobs" blog in 2006, which brought him national fame. He is now a marketing fellow at HubSpot, and iMedia sat down with him to discuss how Apple has changed since the death of its leader. His answers might surprise you.

Google is now Apple's main competition

While Samsung remains Apple's main competitor with smartphones and tablets, Google represents the biggest threat to Apple's next undertaking: mastering the cloud.

Apple is now a nicer place to work

The energy at Apple is much different now. Steve Jobs ruled by fear and intimidation. While those characteristics drove his people to accomplish great things, they also burdened his employees with stress.

The iWatch is definitely coming

Apple needs a new device, and it looks like wearable tech is next on its agenda. We've all heard the rumors, but with the death of Steve Jobs and the sagging stock numbers, Apple knows it needs to release something soon.

Apple vs. Samsung blew up in Apple's face

Apple might have won the lawsuit, but consumer backlash has been swift and harsh. Steve Jobs led the charge against Android and this lawsuit, but it made Apple look anti-consumer. Samsung seems to be unfazed by it and is still outpacing the competition in many markets.

Apple is no longer a dictatorship

The decisions at Apple are now made by committee rather than a single leader setting the agenda. Perhaps it was because he co-founded the company, but Steve knew he could aggressively move the needle and push bold products. Now that he's gone, big and risky moves are thoroughly vetted, making product releases much slower.

The Apple TV is probably on hold

A few years ago we all thought this was coming. Then Steve Jobs died. Now, nobody is sure. There is no doubt it would be an amazing piece of hardware, but the buzz has diminished to a point where it looks like it will not be Apple's next innovation.

Apple's marketing strategy has shifted

Steve Jobs was perhaps the greatest marketer of all time. He rooted a marketing strategy in bold simplicity. While Apple still maintains the essence of this vision, its strategy has taken a noticeable detour. Technicalities and detail are bogging down the magic of its message.

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"Apple Store Logo" image via pio3 and Shutterstock.

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