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How many social media gurus can there really be?

How many social media gurus can there really be? Chris Cunningham

Outsourcing social media is a PR panic move

These days, when a brand exports its social media management to an outside agency, it's a sign by public relations that the company doesn't know how to communicate its message on social platforms. Here's why this year, social will come back in-house.

Fan page management and marketing don't mix

Social media is not marketing and storytelling. Brands are beginning to realize that social media is most effectively executed when posts are not treated as ads. Maintaining a social community requires a manager who understands the brand's goals and how to communicate them without plugging a product.

Chris Cunningham is a digital advertising and technology serial entrepreneur with a love for mobile. His leadership and pioneering work in the space have led him to become a featured speaker at various global events, including International CES,...

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