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How to convince your client the CTR is dead

How to convince your client the CTR is dead Marc Vermut

Just because they didn't click doesn't mean your ad was ineffective

Consumers breeze past ads so quickly these days that most don't have time to click even if they want to. With ranked search results, display ads, and video pre-roll, even an interested consumer can't click on everything. Your visual branding is just as important as your landing page. Once you accept that fact, your strategy can adapt too.


The reality is that ad value is shifting from the click to the view

Video pre-roll is becoming a huge part of online, and most consumers are just waiting through it to watch what they actually clicked on. Don't expect a click from your pre-roll. Instead, shift your thinking to making your video ad as impactful and memorable as possible. Once you plant the seed in your consumer's mind, it could grow into a future brand purchase.

Your consumers want conversation as part of their clicks

Let's say you get a click. Congratulations! But wait -- does that mean you won a new customer?

Probably not.

If you're lucky enough to have a consumer click on your ad, you better have a landing page that personally engages the person immediately. If not, that click is the same as a wasted impression.

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  Marc Vermut is VP, Strategist for MarketShare leading projects for key Technology and Retail clients, as well as authoring thought leadership including white papers on marketing effectiveness across media. He brings with him fourteen years...

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