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The social media tactic marketers need to stop using

The social media tactic marketers need to stop using Samantha Skey

Social media blasting for mass appeal

It's amazing that social media is almost a decade old. As it has grown up, marketers have grown up with it. Social media marketing is one of the biggest and most influential ways that modern marketers communicate with their fans and customers.

However, as social has evolved, so have the ways marketers collect consumer information and data. While marketers sit on a wealth of data about their customers, they still conduct their social activity for mass appeal. Brands send massive amounts of tweets and posts each day that only exist to keep the brand visible and to make it look like they're part of the conversation. It's the 21st century. Consumers know you have their data, and if you're going to use it then you better make sure your message is personalized. You have the tools; you just need to reinvent what it means to market in the social landscape.

SheKnows CRO and CMO Samantha Skey speaks to iMedia's Bethany Simpson in this exclusive interview about why un-personalized and non-custom social media activities could actually be harmful -- not helpful -- to your brand.

Lessons from the commerce sector; mass coupons lead to minimal repeat users

When it comes to mass-appealing your social media outreach, we can learn big lessons from the commerce sector, more specifically Groupon. Groupon is having trouble for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is that its business model might be fundamentally flawed. Coupons are still the most effective way to drive traffic to stores, but mass coupons just aren't taking off. Why? They lack the customization and personal touch that modern consumers are used to.

Consumers want marketers to reach out to them in a way that makes them feel like they're known. Mass coupons make consumers feel like part of a herd of sheep, rather than an individual customer. If that's the case with commerce, then why should social be any different? Mass tweets can rub off the same way. The bottom line: Make it custom, make it relevant, and make it personal.

Samantha Skey ends our conversation by speaking with iMedia about why we should look at examples from the commerce sector, and Groupon in particular, to glean lessons when conducting our social efforts.

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Article written by Associate Media Producer David Zaleski.

"Man showing stop gesture" image via Shutterstock.

Prior to her current role as CRO at SheKnows, Samantha Skey was CRO for Recyclebank, where she built the revenue model from ground up, and scaled the commercial business from zero to $26 million within two years. A frequent presenter and...

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