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Why standard ad sizes are going to die

Why standard ad sizes are going to die Chris Cunningham

The middle of the screen is more valuable real estate

Advertisers are just warming up to the idea that publishers no longer want to confine them to the top and sides of the screen. Ads, which are natively woven into content and editorial, are far more valuable and publishers are offering that space more and more for sale.

Publishers are changing their sites to phase out boxes and banners

The New York Times and Boston.com are already blowing up the box. Increasingly, large websites (as well as startups) are reformatting their layouts to move away from the leaderboard and medium rectangle. Here's how agencies are starting the conversation with publishers to embrace a native ad-serving format over traditional setups.

People don't like standard ads

When a successful click-through-rate is anything above 1 percent, the industry knows that a change is needed. Here's why ads interwoven in content are achieving much higher performance, engagement, and favorability from consumers.

Chris Cunningham is a digital advertising and technology serial entrepreneur with a love for mobile. His leadership and pioneering work in the space have led him to become a featured speaker at various global events, including International CES,...

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