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3 awesome perks of working for an independent agency

3 awesome perks of working for an independent agency Adam Kleinberg

Intellectual property investment

At an independent agency, marketers are more free to invest in their own ideas and creative pathways. There's less red tape and much less political bureaucracy to sift through. Independent agency marketers can take more risks on new ideas and put money toward the avenues that make them personally happy and professionally successful.

Room to breathe

At large agencies the amount of bosses breathing down your neck is endless. Success has to be constantly proven and metrics become a burden. Independent agencies have much less of this constant pressure.

The ability to fail

Perhaps the biggest benefit of working for a smaller independent agency player is that you truly have the ability to fail without fear that it is end of the world. Good ideas executed in unprepared environments often don't succeed, and that's OK. Larger agencies tend to punish this failure, not look at it as positive growing pains.

Adam Kleinberg, CEO at Traction, speaks about the benefits of independent agency life by referencing his own iMedia Agency Award-winning company (2014, best independent agency) and the culture it promotes.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Publisher advertising agency owner working with team on a creative project." image via Shutterstock.

MediaPost named me an OMMA All-Star in 2013, an award given to the three most influential digital creatives in the U.S. each year. I was called one of the Top 25 Most Innovative Marketers in Digital in 2012 by iMedia Connection. In 2014, Traction...

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Commenter: Lori Goldberg

2015, June 10

Great article Adam!