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3 simple ways for growing agencies to remain agile

3 simple ways for growing agencies to remain agile David Aglar

Don't obsess about hierarchies

Obviously, a larger organization requires a greater structure of management that can oversee all the moving parts. Hierarchies are important but can often go to people's heads. As a growing company, you need to communicate the idea that more bureaucracy does not mean separating the elite from the subordinates -- simply that more structure is required to keep things moving smoothly. Don't let your company become an exercise in corporate class warfare.

Form a high-power group that focuses on change -- and can act on it

Creating a group that has the specific mission of identifying change in the industry and acting on it is a good way to avoid the stagnation of big agency structure. Large agencies that don't have this are forced to seek an endless amount of approvals. Having a board that has the power to connect the dots and move the big ship without having to jump through a multitude of hoops can be instrumental in remaining flexible.

Communicate the emotional intelligence of change

Lastly, don't forget that change is scary and employees may need some help accepting big moves. It is the role of good managers to be a source of counsel. Managers should be empathetic and approach each one of their employees with an open mind about discussing the fears that change sometimes sparks. Your people are humans with families and must be reassured.

David Aglar, EVP of digital at Weber Shandwick, speaks to iMedia at the iMedia Agency Summit in Los Angeles about these key ways growing agencies can remain nimble.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Tan and white terrier dog mid leap over an agility jump" image via Shutterstock.

David Aglar is a digital strategist and senior leader in Weber Shandwick's digital communications practice. He has been instrumental in building the digital creative capacity that has transformed Weber Shandwick and established it as the only PR...

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