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3 ways agencies can adapt to the evolution of thriving tech

3 ways agencies can adapt to the evolution of thriving tech Kevin Hung

Emphasize strong vendor relationships

It's easy to ignore sellers, but strategic partnerships and continued education are key. It seems like there are a dozen new tech companies touting something groundbreaking every week; you need to figure out who can help you. Take the time to return a few calls and actually go out to listen to a few smart industry players from the vendor side.

Eliminate silos

Structuring your agency in a channel-oriented fashion goes against the grain of modern technology trends and consumer behaviors. The days of the "mobile guy" and the "social gal" are gone. Instead, structure your agency around experiences and consumers, not the shackles of channels.

Investing in forward-thinking talent

Don't forget about where you have come from. Storytelling will always be the backbone of marketing. However, you've also got to be able to look at the big picture -- knowing which data to take into consideration and how to interpret it going forward is key. Hire talent that shares this mindset and people you can trust.

Kevin Hung, SVP and digital innovations director of Havas Media, speaks to iMedia about how agencies can navigate the technology revolution, and gives three great insights into how agencies can really excel.

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Article written and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Modern wireless technology and social media illustration" image via Shutterstock.

Kevin Hung is head of digital and innovation in Chicago, specializing in immersive technology experiences that help businesses build their value exchange with and for consumers. He has successfully launched businesses into new categories and...

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