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4 lessons marketers can learn from improv comedy

4 lessons marketers can learn from improv comedy iMedia Editors

Disruptions are opportunities

In improv, disruptions are vital to keep things alive, fresh, and surprising. The best ideas and greatest laughs come about from curveballs thrown that no one saw coming. Marketers should share the same perspective. The industry is changing so rapidly and things are constantly being disrupted. Don't look at change with fear -- instead, see an opportunity to create great ideas.

The "yes, and…" rule

The rule in improv is "yes, and…," meaning you build off the ideas presented by your fellow actors -- you don't shut them down. This is a great perspective to bring to meetings and brainstorms at the office. Don't put down unsolidified ideas. Force yourself to pick up ideas and run with them. You never know where the path might take you.

Don't focus on perception – just be you

The more improvers think about how they're coming across to an audience, the more self-conscious they get, and their performance suffers. Likewise, a lot of brands worry and obsess about their self-image rather just focus on core values. The more you worry about perception, the more inauthentic your performance will appear.

Diversity in talent backgrounds is important

Lastly, having a team with variety and diversity is vital for an improv show. The same goes for business. The more different your team is and the more unique their backgrounds are, the better your ideas will be.

Kendall Allen, senior associate at WIT Strategy speaks to iMedia about some surprising lessons the marketing community can learn from the improv comedy world.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and videos edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"DNEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE - APRIL 12: "Third: for the love" " image via Shutterstock.

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