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An overlooked way marketers can use LinkedIn

An overlooked way marketers can use LinkedIn Vik Kathuria

Replacing cold-calling with LinkedIn network connecting

There's no shortage of cold-calling marketers that must do. It's a necessary evil, and everyone has their own awkward horror stories of how some of them go down. Here's a tip: Instead of picking up the phone, calling, and hoping for the best with a potential prospect, client or candidate, utilize your LinkedIn network to create a personal introduction via your connections. If you're like most in this industry, your connection list is massive. Everybody knows everybody through some small degree of separation. Spend some time finding a pathway to your prospect through your existing LinkedIn network and you could find much greater success that a roll-of-the-dice phone call.

Vik Kathuria, global chief media officer at Razorfish, speaks to iMedia about unique ways to use LinkedIn's networks and existing connections.

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Article written by media production manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"KIEV, UKRAINE - MARCH 7, 2015: Hand holds Linkedin logo sign printed on paper on white background." image via Shutterstock.

Vik Kathuria was most recently the global chief media officer at Razorfish. In his role, Kathuria is responsible for leading the agency's 300 media employees worldwide, driving Razorfish's exclusively digital media strategy – from its...

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