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Katrina Craigwell

"Head of global digital programming" isn't a title within most brands. But then again, General Electric (GE) isn't most brands. It's one of the sleekest content machines out there, and Katrina Craigwell is at the helm of those efforts. She is responsible for the digital content creation and distribution strategy for GE in the U.S., as well as partnering with GE's digital teams globally.

Craigwell developed, launched, and continues to oversee GE's brand presences on Instagram and Tumblr, working in direct partnership with both platforms on best practices in content and distribution strategy. She also manages GE's impressive brand presence on YouTube, along with programming and distribution for the channel. In addition, she helmed the re-launch of GE.com and the ongoing implementation of technology solutions to scale and power storytelling across the organization.

"The value of storytelling, both on brand and commercial efforts, continues to be reflected in the work from our teams," Craigwell says. "It's amazing to be part of an organization that aims to be nimble and quick to evolve in anticipation of what's next."

In 2013, Craigwell spent two months in Dubai, UAE, embedded with the GE MENAT team and continues to partner closely with GE's teams globally, with specific focus on Brazil, India, China, the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

Prior to GE, Craigwell was associate director at social media agency Attention, where she worked with clients including CNN, HLN, WE tv, A&E, and The Guardian. Craigwell began her career in public relations at the Independent Film Channel, working on some of IFC's first social media campaigns. She was named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" in marketing and advertising for 2014 and Ad Age's "Creativity 50" in 2012.

Katrina Craigwell leads content for the digital marketing team at General Electric (GE). She is responsible for driving content strategy across GE.com, Txchnologist.com, and GE's corporate properties internationally, as well as GE's presence on...

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