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One simple way digital campaigns fail big time

One simple way digital campaigns fail big time David Aglar

A great concept that fails in execution across specific experience verticals

Marketers tend to think of verticals in terms of broad strokes. We've gone from the days of digital vs. non-digital, to digital broken down into a variety of channels (display, social, search, etc.) However, there is a deeper level to tweaking campaigns that is often overlooked and can kill a good concept at the execution level.

Campaigns can fail when you don't adjust for specific experience verticals. Social isn't just social. It's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a variety of other platforms that have entirely different audiences. Display isn't just display. It's mobile, responsive design, non-responsive design, and a variety of other experience formats. Video is delivered on a multitude of different platforms that reach unique audiences and are served in unique ways. You need to look at these verticals in a deeper way and make sure campaigns are adjusted specifically for each place, audience, and experience.

David Aglar, EVP of digital at of Weber Shandwick speaks to iMedia and explains the elements of successful campaign execution and touches upon how he views the evolving world of the agency model.

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Article written and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

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David Aglar is a digital strategist and senior leader in Weber Shandwick's digital communications practice. He has been instrumental in building the digital creative capacity that has transformed Weber Shandwick and established it as the only PR...

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Commenter: Mark Strauss

2015, August 10

Must always remember, the platform is your template.