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Relative Insight is The Next Big Thing

Relative Insight is The Next Big Thing Dan Brain

Relative Insight, a technology firm that turns language into data, is the new champion of ad:tech London’s Next Big Thing, an initiative designed to connect global brands with 'madtech' startups.

The company was awarded the opportunity to work with Unilever on a pilot worth up to $50,000 at ad:tech London earlier this  month. The firm will receive a £5,000 cash prize. 
By turning unstructured language into structured data sets at scale, Relative Insight helps brands to better understand their consumers, leading to more effective campaigns. 
“Given the quality of the competition, we were truly honoured to be crowned the The Next Big Thing,” said Ben Hookway, CEO of Relative Insight.

“From initially developing our technology to fight crime, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves within the marketing world and we’re delighted to be recognised in this field. We’re looking forward to extending our relationship with Unilever.”
The winner was determined by judges Georgina Park, Global Brand Manager, Unilever; Ian Lane, Principal, Unilever Ventures; Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner Innovation, Karmarama; and Rob Chapman, Director, Founders Forum. Tech London Advocates supported the process with Ken Valledy of Tech2Brand compèring the event.
“Relative Insight demonstrated the type of innovation, enthusiasm and energy that we’re looking for at Unilever and as part of ’The Next Big Thing’ award,” said Jeremy Basset, Head of Unilever Foundry.

“Relative Insight’s innovative technology can provide our brands with unique analysis and tracking of the language they and their consumers use, ultimately leading to improved consumer engagement. We’re looking forward to working with Relative Insight in a closer capacity moving forward.”

“ad:tech London is designed to serve the needs of the modern marketer and through The Next Big Thing we have gathered together some of the hottest new technologies and services available for those marketers who want to be ahead of the pack. For Relative Insight to rise above the other 200 or so applicants to be crowned ad:tech 2016’s Next Big Thing is a testament to a fantastic product and team. We look forward to watching them grow over the coming years,” said James Drake-Brockman, Head of EMEA & India, ad:tech.
The winners of the 2013 and 2014 competition were Avocarrot and seenit, which have each partnered with Unilever in global markets following their respective wins. 

Dan is currently Head of Content for for ad::tech London, the iMedia UK Digital Summit and iMediaConnection UK. He is responsible for the content focus of two of the UK's leading digital marketing events and has extensive event production,...

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