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The biggest flaw in the RFP process

The biggest flaw in the RFP process Chad Vavra

Collecting ideas vs. accessing the idea makers

RFPs are a necessary evil. They're time consuming, tedious, and a majority of them are eventually tossed anyway. While they are currently the best direct way for clients to gather ideas, there is a big problem: RPFs don't solve client problems, they collect specs and evaluate viability. For marketers that care about unique solutions and creative problem solving strategies, an RFP is not enough. Clients need access to those individuals who know their publications or products intimately and craft custom packages. The sterile standard of the RFP process has stagnated the industry. In a world where solutions are abundant, the problem is too much choice and obfuscation. That's why the RFP has been allowed to survive all these years. We are seeing the limits of this workflow and marketers are calling for a better way.

Chad Vavra, director of experience, strategy, and design at Isobar speaks to iMedia about what he sees as the biggest issue with the RFP, and discusses a unique test that provides a glimmer of hope that the industry might someday move past it.

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Article written by Media Production Manager David Zaleski and video edited by associate media producer Brian Waters.

"Future writer" image via Shutterstock.

Chad Vavra is an experience strategy and design director at Isobar, located out of the New York City office. He has 15 years of experience in digital media spanning design, development, strategy, and operations. Prior to his role at Isobar, Vavra...

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