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Chinese Spend 51% of Their Smartphone Time Playing Video Games

Chinese Spend 51% of Their Smartphone Time Playing Video Games David Murdico
Ever wonder what people are plucking away at on their smartphones and mobile devices at dinner, at work, crossing the street... omg driving?

Well in China, in 2015, consumers report that they're spending a full 51% of their smartphone time playing games, which is great news if you're developing, publishing or marketing mobile video games!

The question asked was, "In general: for which of the following do you primarily use your mobile phone?"

What else are they doing on their mobile devices? The survey shows that the highest percentage of Chinese smartphone owners - 79% - use their device to check the time. I get it. I do that all the time - get it? All the time?

Other activities include 74% taking photos and videos, 67% setting their alarm clocks, 65% checking the news, 63% listening to music, 58% checking the weather, 39% reading books and magazines, 38% accessing travel, traffic and maps, 22% managing their diary and appointments, 14% managing shopping and to-do lists and 7% tracking health, diet and activity levels.

One key is to have your game in their faces when they're doing these other activities.


The way I see it, all the video game industry has to do is figure out a way to make checking time into a game, maybe a time checking app called something like "Hey, What Time Is It?" that replaces and/or destroys the built in smartphone clock, at $2.99 per download, and blocks access to checking the time unless users achieve levels or pay for more time checking credits.

This will either make us all very rich, or lead to an increase in old fashioned wristwatch sales. You know - those things with the things in the middle that spin in a circle.

Most common smartphone activities in China in 2015 copy

Sources: China; TNS Infratest; Google; January to March 2014; January to March 2015; 2,907 Respondents; 18 years and older; internet and smartphone users.

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