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2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled

2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled iMedia Editors

The agency community honored some of its favorite service providers during the annual ASPY Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 5, at the iMedia Agency Summit in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Nominees and winners were chosen via community voting on iMediaConnection.com.

The following companies and individuals took home the top honors this year.

Best Data, Research, or Analytics Partner: Google Analytics

The marketer's best friend, Google Analytics gives you a full customer picture across ads, videos, websites, and social tools -- not to mention across devices including tablets and smartphones -- thereby providing incredible insights that let you optimize your spend in your best performing channels.

Best Mobile Partner: Pandora

Pandora rocks 76.5 million listeners monthly. That's one-fourth of the U.S. population. It is the No. 2 most-downloaded iPhone app of all time, and listeners have created more than 7 billion stations. With a suite of precision targeting, cross-platform tools, and cool custom marketing opportunities, it's no wonder Pandora is the agency community's mobile partner of choice.

Best New Media Innovation: Tapad Device Graph RTB Access

When a technology gives you unprecedented information about users, it's a big deal. Tapad's proprietary Device Graph processes hundreds of billions of data points per month to connect devices. It anonymously associates multiple devices -- including computers, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, and game consoles -- with a single user.

Best Programmatic Partner: The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk was recently named by Forbes as one of America's top 10 most promising companies for 2015. Founded by pioneers in real-time bidding, The Trade Desk has become one of the industry's fastest growing demand-side platforms by offering best-in-class technology.

Best Social Partner: BuzzFeed

In addition to more than 200 million monthly uniques, BuzzFeed gets more than 900 million monthly video views, and 75 percent of its traffic comes from social sources. For brands that want to cozy up to BuzzFeed's massive fan base, it offers custom social posts, original video, social discovery tools, and more. Big recent native campaigns include Taco Bell's "15 Toys From Our Childhood That Were Way Too Good To Share" and MINI's "25 Places That Look 'Not Normal,' But Are Actually Real."

Best Video Partner: TubeMogul

TubeMogul aims to be the best in the world at just one thing -- making brand advertising simpler and more accountable for advertisers. TubeMogul only partners with premium and transparent inventory sources. And advertisers only pay when someone chooses to watch their videos. TubeMogul offers 100 percent transparency about where ads are running, how they're performing, and who sees them.

Best Customer Service: eMarketer

eMarketer's client list reads like a marketing "who's who." Unilever, Amazon, GE, GroupM, MasterCard, Ogilvy, Intel, Fidelity, Kellogg's, and HP are just a few of the companies that depend on eMarketer for data and insights. This industry-leading research firm is a trusted go-to for brands, agencies, and media companies.

Rising Star: Chris Martin, Tapad

A leader in the Central U.S. region, Chris Martin leverages cutting-edge, cross-device strategy and a client-first approach to achieve results. He has established exemplary partnerships with brands across the U.S. by guiding them through the expanding world of cross-device advertising. His commitment to the success and growth of this industry is unmatched.

Industry Luminary: Peter Naylor, Hulu

Peter Naylor is the epitome of the marketing insider. This well-known and much-respected digital authority has helped shape the digital industry through senior positions at NBCUniversal, the IAB, Hulu, and other industry organizations. While at NBCU, Naylor led a number of innovative digital efforts including the launch of the Universal Audience Platform, the creation of the NBCU Social TV Symposium, and the development and sale of an NBC/Fox joint venture in 2009 that would become Hulu. Naylor was chairman of the IAB board of directors from 2012 to 2013 and sits on a number of other industry boards as well.

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