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How marketers are personalizing messages across social platforms

How marketers are personalizing messages across social platforms iMedia Editors

Marketers often wish their target audience was captive, but in reality they are more likely jumping between different apps and devices in their normal interactions. It can be difficult to reach these audiences to have a meaningful conversation, but the solution is social. AdRoll's head of brand and product marketing, Jackie Lamping, explored how to use this technology to address the issues of a fragmented digital landscape and improve ROI across all platforms during a Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit in Amelia Island, Florida.

According to social research, the average person spends 20 minutes a day on Facebook, there are 500 million tweets posted daily, and 80 million Instagram pictures posted daily. These high levels of social interaction, paired with Google's declaration that more searches are coming through mobile than desktop in 10 countries, provide an exciting opportunity for marketers to listen in on conversations that we used to not have access to.

The water cooler chatter of yesterday is now online for anyone to see, and marketers need to use this information to help shape their strategies around what the consumers need and want -- as expressed directly from them. You can see the entire purchase funnel in real-time, and you can take a step back to see trends on a bigger scale. One example Lamping mentioned was a search for Mr. Coffee on Twitter can lead to people who are considering a new coffee maker or looking into the brand. You can also map trends for when people are talking about coffee the most (i.e., Monday mornings), and use this as part of your strategy for reaching your audience. Listening can have positive consequences. In social, conversation equals intent, and brands that are ready to strike at the right moment in the right place can win big.

Lamping defined retargeting as the process of programming marketing messages throughout the purchase funnel based on actual user behavior and predetermined logic. Retargeting is the breakaway hit across all programmatic technology, and based on State of the Industry, can lead to high ROI. For marketers, identifying intent signals plus precise targeting plus real-time personalization can lead to results that greatly outperform search, email, or other display marketing.

Marketers are now getting creative with how they do retargeting. One way is to combine Facebook with other inventory sources to create a cross-platform strategy. Adding more mobile inventory boosts performance, and generating and nurturing leads is essential. One new trend Lamping mentioned was CRM retargeting, which is taking off.

Today, Instagram has been one of the top channels requested by marketers for retargeting, due to enormous engagement rates. Studies show that Instagram has 58 times more engagement than Facebook, which can be a challenge to marketers. An engaged follower on Instagram can lead to great results. One example of an AdRoll client is DL1961, which launched an Instagram campaign focused on ROI because it's a small company. The campaign saw massive results, with 12 times ROI. The results expand beyond just the one platform, though; the blended ROI across all platforms was 23 times.

AdRoll had another client with a goal of generating sign-ups for an on-campus open house and bridging this online and offline audience with Instagram. This is a highly competitive market of young Millennials, and the results were major. Instagram outperformed Facebook by 4 times, and became the second highest source of traffic. This also resulted in an increase of followers.

Currently, AdRoll is a global leader in retargeting, with deep integrations with many social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and iAd. The company is mapping the world's intent data to help companies speak to the right people at the right time.

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